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Added HACKING instructions - please revise as necessary

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If you want to hack on the Gtk+ project, it will make you life easier
to have the following packages installed:
- GNU autoconf 2.12
- GNU automake 1.2d
Available in
- GNU libtool 1.0h
Available in
These should be available by ftp from or any of the
fine GNU mirrors. Beta software can be found at
If you are accessing gtk+ via CVS, then you will need to take several
steps to get it to compile. These are:
cvsroot/gtk+# aclocal; automake; autoconf
The "configure" script will not exist until you take these steps.
Before running configure, make sure you have libtool in your path
Please submit patches to the mailing list (you must
subscribe before you post, e-mail with a
subject of "subscribe"). All kinds of contributions are accepted. If at
all possible, please use CVS to get the latest development version of
gtk+; the README file has the CVSROOT information.
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