Commit 2dd11061 authored by Owen Taylor's avatar Owen Taylor
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Missed some files -owt

Missed some files
parent 59ff297c
......@@ -715,6 +715,12 @@ GArray* g_rarray_truncate (GArray *array,
/* Hash Functions
gint g_str_equal (const gpointer v,
const gpointer v2);
guint g_str_hash (const gpointer v);
/* Deprecated, use g_string_*
gint g_string_equal (gpointer v,
gpointer v2);
guint g_string_hash (gpointer v);
......@@ -42,8 +42,8 @@ struct _GtkViewport
GtkBin bin;
gint shadow_type;
GdkWindow *main_window;
GdkWindow *view_window;
GdkWindow *bin_window;
GtkAdjustment *hadjustment;
GtkAdjustment *vadjustment;
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