Commit 0ddb5023 authored by Micah Carrick's avatar Micah Carrick Committed by Matthias Clasen

Fix typo replacing action "Parse" with "Paste"

The builder XML description has an action for "win.parse" but the
application is looking for "win.paste". Rename the label to
"_Paste" and the action to "win.paste" in the window action XML.
parent bd3e3974
......@@ -285,8 +285,8 @@ bloat_pad_startup (GApplication *application)
" <attribute name='accel'>&lt;Primary&gt;c</attribute>"
" </item>"
" <item>"
" <attribute name='label' translatable='yes'>_Parse</attribute>"
" <attribute name='action'>win.parse</attribute>"
" <attribute name='label' translatable='yes'>_Paste</attribute>"
" <attribute name='action'>win.paste</attribute>"
" <attribute name='accel'>&lt;Primary&gt;v</attribute>"
" </item>"
" </section>"
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