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......@@ -17,7 +17,11 @@ the <literal>Help</literal> menu. All parts of the dialog are optional.
About dialog often contain links and email addresses. #GtkAboutDialog
supports this by offering global hooks, which are called when the user
clicks on a link or email address, see gtk_about_dialog_set_email_hook()
and gtk_about_dialog_set_url_hook().
and gtk_about_dialog_set_url_hook(). Email addresses in the
authors, documenters and artists properties are recognized by looking for
<literal>&lt;user@host&gt;</literal>, URLs are recognized by looking for
<literal>http://url</literal>, with <literal>url</literal> extending to
the next space, tab or line break.
To make constructing a #GtkAboutDialog as convenient as possible, you can
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