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    Hans Breuer authored
    2001-04-14  Hans Breuer  <hans@breuer.org>
    	* gdk/gdk.def :
    	* gdk/makefile.msc : updated
    	* gdk/win32/gdkdrawable.win32 (gdk_win32_draw_rectangle) : if modus is
    	"fill with tile" do so with new helper function	gdk_win32_draw_tiles
    	(the testgtk::text backgound pixmap is drawn again)
    	Changed SetTextAlign before pango_win32_render to TA_BASELINE to reflect
    	Win32 Pango change
    	* gdk/win32/gdkprivate-win32.h : prototype for gdk_win32_draw_tiles
    	* gdk/win32/gdkproperty-win32.c : first implementation of gdk_setting_get
    	Not sure if the returned settings have the right unit, because I couldn't
    	find any docs for the X version ...
    	* gtk/gtk.def :
    	* gtk/makefile.msc.in : updated
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