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    Adapt to uscore-ification of gtktextiterprivate · c7826b5f
    Havoc Pennington authored
    2001-01-03  Havoc Pennington  <hp@redhat.com>
    	* gtk/gtktextbtree.c: Adapt to uscore-ification of gtktextiterprivate
    	* gtk/gtktextdisplay.c (gtk_text_layout_draw): remove use
    	of private functions; remove inclusion of private headers.
    	* gtk/gtktextlayout.c (gtk_text_layout_get_iter_at_line): Add this
    	function, so we don't need private functions in gtktextdisplay.c
    	* gtk/gtktextiterprivate.h: underscore-ification
    	* gtk/gtkwidget.c: Clean up a bunch of docs that said "INTERNAL"
    	to instead say "only useful to implement widgets"
    	* gtk/gtkenums.h (GtkMovementStep): Rename GTK_MOVEMENT_CHARS,
    	GTK_MOVEMENT_VISUAL_POSITIONS. Resolves bug 40249.
    	* gdk/x11/gdkwindow-x11.c (gdk_window_impl_x11_set_colormap):
    	This function was completely broken
    	* gtk/testtext.c (line_numbers_expose): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtkvscale.c (gtk_vscale_draw_value): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtkvruler.c (gtk_vruler_draw_ticks): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtklabel.c (gtk_label_expose): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtkhscale.c (gtk_hscale_draw_value): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtkhruler.c (gtk_hruler_draw_ticks): use gtk_paint_layout
    	* gtk/gtkcellrenderertext.c (gtk_cell_renderer_text_render): use
    	* gtk/gtkaccellabel.c (gtk_accel_label_expose_event): use
    	* gtk/gtkstyle.h: Add draw/paint expander to draw tree expanders.
    	Progress on bug 40103. Add draw_layout to draw a PangoLayout.
    	(struct _GtkStyleClass): Remove draw_cross, draw_oval, draw_ramp,
    	which were not implemented.
    	* gtk/gtktextbuffer.h (struct _GtkTextBufferClass): Add
    	insert_pixbuf signal. Rename delete_text to delete_range since it
    	also deletes pixbufs and child anchors. This almost closes bug
    	40245 (still need to deal with child anchors)
    	* gtk/gtktextbuffer.c (gtk_text_buffer_class_init): Add
    	insert_pixbuf, change signal names as appropriate, change types of
    	signals taking marks/tags to have the specific type, not just
    	* gtk/gtkmain.c (gtk_get_current_event_state): Add this function;
    	closes bug 40051
    	* gtk/gtkoptionmenu.c (gtk_option_menu_set_history): clean up
    	unnecessary remove_contents() call
    	(gtk_option_menu_class_init): add a "changed" signal, closes
    	bug 40039
    	(gtk_option_menu_update_contents): emit "changed" if the
    	active menu item changes
    	* gtk/gdk-pixbuf-loader.c (gdk_pixbuf_loader_frame_done): fix bad
    	cast to GtkObject, reported by Jonas Borgstrom
    	(gdk_pixbuf_loader_finalize): don't close the loader on finalize;
    	we can't do stuff with side effects in finalize. Instead, spew a
    	warning if the loader isn't closed.
    	* gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c (gdk_drawable_impl_x11_finalize): free
    	colormap in here, non-X ports probably need to sync to this change
    	* gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c (gdk_x11_set_colormap): remove
    	assertion that colormap != NULL, you can set the colormap to NULL
    	if you like.
    	* Makefile.am: remove gtk-config-2.0
    	* configure.in: Use pkg-config to locate GLib. Remove
    	separated-out GMODULE_LIBS, GMODULE_CFLAGS; these were not used,
    	and the gmodule libs/cflags were in GLIB_LIBS GLIB_CFLAGS anyhow.
    	Use pkg-config to locate Pango. Output correct Pango libs to
    	gdk-2.0.pc.in. Fix test for FREETYPE_CONFIG (typo fix).
    	* Makefile.am (pkgconfig_DATA): install only target-specific pc
    	(install-data-local): symlink gtk+-2.0.pc and gdk-2.0.pc to the
    	X11 pc files
    	* gtk+-2.0.pc.in (Requires): require the GDK for the current target
    	unref from here
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