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    The "big treeview focus patch". Fixes several issues and adds some · acce60b7
    Kristian Rietveld authored
    Sun May  5 16:42:32 2002  Kristian Rietveld  <kris@gtk.org>
            The "big treeview focus patch". Fixes several issues and adds some
            goodies. Related bugs: #73676, #73734, #78660.
            * gtk/gtktreeview.h: add gtk_tree_view_set_cursor_on_cell
            * gtk/gtktreeview.c (gtk_tree_view_button_press): focus on a cell
            if applicable,
            (gtk_tree_view_bin_expose): set_cell_data before iterating columns,
            add support for row-spanning focus rectangles,
            (gtk_tree_view_has_special_cell): new function,
            (gtk_tree_view_move_cursor_left_right): add support for multiple
            focusable cells in one column,
            (gtk_tree_view_set_cursor): call _set_cursor_on_cell now,
            (gtk_tree_view_set_cursor_on_cell): copy of _set_cursor, extended
            with focus_cell parameter,
            (gtk_tree_view_search_iter): removed unused column variable,
            (gtk_tree_view_start_editing): add neighbor size code to allow
            for multiple editable cells in one column.
            * gtk/gtktreeviewcolumn.c (_GtkTreeViewColumnCellInfo): add
            in_editing_mode field,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_get_edited_cell): new function, removed
            (_gtk_tree_view_column_get_cell_at_pos): new function,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_pack_end): s/g_new/g_new0/ ...,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_process_action): loads of changes to get
            it right and to allow for multiple special cells, etc,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_first): new function,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_last): ditto,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_next): ditto,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_prev): ditto,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_focus): add left and right parameters,
            allow for multiple special cells,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_cell_is_visible): add assertion,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_focus_cell): new function,
            (gtk_tree_view_column_stop_editing): unset in_editing_mode flag,
            (_gtk_tree_view_column_get_neighbor_sizes): iterate through cells
            * gtk/gtktreeviewcolumn.h: add gtk_tree_view_column_focus_cell
            * gtk/gtktreeprivate.h: s/_get_editable_cell/_get_edited_cell/, add
            _gtk_tree_view_column_get_cell_at_pos, add new parameters to
            * tests/testtreeedit.c: add some cells in order to test new code.
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