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    Add two virtualized functions gdk_drawable_get_clip_region - to get the · 6e5a269f
    Owen Taylor authored
    Thu Dec 14 20:22:31 2000  Owen Taylor  <otaylor@redhat.com>
            * gdk/{gdkdrawable.[ch],gdkpixmap.c,gdkwindow.c,x11/gdkwindow.c}:
    	Add two virtualized functions gdk_drawable_get_clip_region - to
    	get the clip region when drawing.
    	* gdk/gdkwindow.c (gdk_window_invalidate_rect): Rewrite to simple
    	use invalidate_region.
    	* gdk/gdkwindow.c (gdk_window_invalidate_region): Clip to visible
    	* acconfig.h configure.in: Check for Xft. For now, assume
    	that if Xft is found, Pango was compiled with Xft support
    	as well.
    	* gdk/gdkcolor.h gdk/x11/gdkcolor-x11.c: Add
    	* gdk/x11/gdkdrawable-x11.c (gdk_x11_draw_glyphs): Draw
    	with Xft if appropriate.
    	* gdk/x11/gdkpango-x11.c (gdk_pango_context_get): Create
    	a pangoxft context if we have XFT and the environment
    	variable GD_USE_XFT is set.
    	* gdk/x11/gdkx.h (struct _GdkGCX11): Cache the fg_pixel
    	and also possibly an XftDraw structure.
            * gtk/gtkfontsel.c: Handle the case where the font from the
    	style doesn't match any of the fonts a bit better.
    	* gtk/testgtk.c: Add tabs between directional segments for
    	hebrew/arabic test. (Not really necessary, just a little
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