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    Mon Nov 24 1997 Jay Painter <jpaint@serv.net> · 33b94315
    Gnome CVS User authored
            gtk/gtkaspectframe.c (gtk_aspect_frame_size_allocate): When
            computing new dimensions of the subwidget, round to nearest
            integer rather than truncating.
    Mon Nov 24 1997 Jay Painter <jpaint@serv.net>
            * gtk/gtkvruler.c (gtk_vruler_draw_ticks):
            * gtk/gtkhruler.c (gtk_hruler_draw_ticks): Ensure that subticks
            always are drawn when they should be (sometimes they were getting
            drawn with zero length --- invisible).  Also clear rectangle
            behind text labels to ensure they don't touch or overlap ticks.
    Mon Nov 24 1997 Jay Painter <jpaint@serv.net>
            * gtk/gtkaspectframe.c (gtk_aspect_frame_set):
            Clear window when aspect ratio or alignment is changed.
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