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Changes in libsoup from 2.99.1 to 2.99.2:
* Add new soup_session_send_and_read() API [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Add soup_session_get_async_result_message() API [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Remove soup_session_load_uri_bytes() and soup_session_read_uri() APIs [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Add soup_session_preconnect_async() API [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Add SoupSession:remote-connectable property to support proxying over unix sockets [Robert Ancell]
* Restore support to SoupLogger for logging message bodies [Daniel Kolesa]
* Update GLib dependency to 2.67.4
Changes in libsoup from 2.72.0 to 2.99.1:
* This is a major ABI breaking release that can be installed in parallel with 2.7x.
project('libsoup', 'c',
version: '2.99.1',
version: '2.99.2',
meson_version : '>= 0.53',
license : 'LGPL2',
default_options : [
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