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Changes in libsoup from 2.99.8 to 2.99.9:
* Make soup_message_set_method() public API [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Make SoupMessage:http-version read only [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Prevent the same message being queued multiple times [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Allow completing SoupMessage::tls-interaction with NULL certificate [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Replace soup_server_set_ssl_cert_file() with soup_server_set_tls_certificate() [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Add SoupServer support for client certificates [Carlos Garcia Campos]
* Fallback to building meson wrap of sqlite if not found [Xavier Claessens]
* Add soup_message_get_tls_protocol_version() and soup_message_get_tls_ciphersuite_name() API [Carlos Garcia Campos]
Changes in libsoup from 2.99.7 to 2.99.8:
* Enable HTTP/2 by default. The SOUP_FORCE_HTTP1 env var can disable for debugging
project('libsoup', 'c',
version: '2.99.8',
version: '2.99.9',
meson_version : '>= 0.53',
license : 'LGPL2',
default_options : [
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