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Changes in libsoup from 2.74.0 to 2.74.1:
* Fix support for older versions of Vala [Rico Tzschichholz]
* Fix trying to build sysprof as a subproject on Windows [Christoph Reiter]
* Fix missing `extern "C"` in an installed header [Patrick Griffis]
* Improve `gssapi` dependency handling [Nirbheek Chauhan]
* Fix `libsoup-doc` build target [Patrick Griffis]
* Updated translations: Danish, Russian
Changes in libsoup from 2.72.0 to 2.74.0:
* IMPORTANT: Enable ssl-use-system-ca-file by default on deprecated
project('libsoup', 'c',
version: '2.74.0',
version: '2.74.1',
meson_version : '>=0.50',
license : 'LGPL2',
default_options : 'c_std=c99')
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