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* SECTION:shumate-map-source
* @short_description: A base class for map sources
* #ShumateTile objects come from map sources which are represented by
* #ShumateMapSource. This is should be considered an abstract
* type as it does nothing of interest.
* When loading new tiles, #ShumateView calls shumate_map_source_fill_tile()
* on the current #ShumateMapSource passing it a #ShumateTile to be filled
* with the image.
* Apart from being a base class of all map sources, #ShumateMapSource
* also supports cooperation of multiple map sources by arranging them into
* chains. Every map source has the #ShumateMapSource:next-source property
* that determines the next map source in the chain. When a function of
* a #ShumateMapSource object is invoked, the map source may decide to
* delegate the work to the next map source in the chain by invoking the
* same function on it.
* To understand the concept of chains, consider for instance a chain
* consisting of #ShumateFileCache whose next source is
* #ShumateNetworkTileSource whose next source is an error tile source
* created with shumate_map_source_factory_create_error_source ().
* When shumate_map_source_fill_tile() is called on the first object of the
* chain, #ShumateFileCache, the cache checks whether it contains the
* requested tile in its database. If it does, it returns the tile; otherwise,
* it calls shumate_map_source_fill_tile() on the next source in the chain
* (#ShumateNetworkTileSource). The network tile source loads the tile
* from the network. When successful, it returns the tile; otherwise it requests
* the tile from the next source in the chain (error tile source).
* The error tile source always generates an error tile, no matter what
* its next source is.
* #ShumateMapSource is the base class for all map sources. Map sources fill
* #ShumateTile objects with images from various sources: a web API, for
* example, or a test pattern generated on demand.
* The most common map source is #ShumateNetworkMapSource, which fetches tiles
* from an API.
#include "shumate-map-source.h"
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