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docs: Update FileCache and NetworkTileSource docs

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......@@ -20,11 +20,21 @@
* SECTION:shumate-file-cache
* @short_description: Stores and loads cached tiles from the file system
* @short_description: Caches tiles on the filesystem
* #ShumateFileCache is a cache that stores and retrieves tiles from the
* file system. Tiles most frequently loaded gain in "popularity". This popularity
* is taken into account when purging the cache.
* file system. It is mainly used by #ShumateNetworkTileSource, but can also
* be used by custom map sources.
* The cache will be filled up to a certain size limit. When this limit is
* reached, the cache can be purged, and the tiles that are accessed least are
* deleted.
* ## ETags
* The cache can optionally store an ETag string with each tile. This is
* useful to avoid redownloading old tiles that haven't changed (for example,
* using the HTTP If-None-Match header).
......@@ -348,9 +358,9 @@ shumate_file_cache_init (ShumateFileCache *file_cache)
* shumate_file_cache_new_full:
* @size_limit: maximum size of the cache in bytes
* @cache_key: an ID for the tileset to store/retrieve
* @cache_dir: (allow-none): the directory where the cache is created. When cache_dir == NULL,
* a cache in ~/.cache/shumate is used.
* @cache_key: an ID for the tileset to store/retrieve
* Constructor of #ShumateFileCache.
......@@ -22,14 +22,12 @@
* SECTION:shumate-network-tile-source
* @short_description: A map source that downloads tile data from a web server
* This class is specialized for map tiles that can be downloaded
* from a web server. This includes all web based map services such as
* OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps and more. This class contains
* all mechanisms necessary to download tiles.
* #ShumateNetworkTileSource fetches raster (that is, image) tiles from a
* web API such as Mapbox or OpenStreetMap. It has a built-in #ShumateFileCache
* to avoid repeated downloads.
* Some preconfigured network map sources are built-in this library,
* see #ShumateMapSourceFactory.
#include "config.h"
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