Verified Commit 75718761 authored by James Westman's avatar James Westman
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network-tile-source: Fix crash when cancellable is NULL

parent cbdc1608
......@@ -901,7 +901,8 @@ fill_tile (ShumateMapSource *map_source,
data = g_new0 (FillTileData, 1);
data->self = g_object_ref (tile_source);
data->tile = g_object_ref (tile);
data->cancellable = g_object_ref (cancellable);
if (cancellable)
data->cancellable = g_object_ref (cancellable);
shumate_file_cache_get_tile_async (priv->file_cache, tile, cancellable, on_file_cache_get_tile, data);
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