Commit 240815cb authored by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto's avatar Georges Basile Stavracas Neto
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map-layer: Rename some variables

While technically the latitude and longitude that ShumateViewport reports
is indeed relative to its center, this is an implementation detail. It gets
confusing when we mix map coordinates with geographic coordinates and actor

Rename 'center_' to 'latitude_' in the allocation function.
parent 996a0a1b
......@@ -367,8 +367,8 @@ shumate_map_layer_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
GtkAllocation child_allocation;
guint tile_size;
guint zoom_level;
double center_latitude, center_longitude;
guint center_x, center_y;
double latitude, longitude;
guint longitude_x, latitude_y;
int x_offset, y_offset;
guint tile_column, tile_row;
guint tile_initial_column, tile_initial_row;
......@@ -377,19 +377,19 @@ shumate_map_layer_size_allocate (GtkWidget *widget,
viewport = shumate_layer_get_viewport (SHUMATE_LAYER (self));
tile_size = shumate_map_source_get_tile_size (self->map_source);
zoom_level = shumate_viewport_get_zoom_level (viewport);
center_latitude = shumate_location_get_latitude (SHUMATE_LOCATION (viewport));
center_longitude = shumate_location_get_longitude (SHUMATE_LOCATION (viewport));
center_x = (guint) shumate_map_source_get_x (self->map_source, zoom_level, center_longitude);
center_y = (guint) shumate_map_source_get_y (self->map_source, zoom_level, center_latitude);
latitude = shumate_location_get_latitude (SHUMATE_LOCATION (viewport));
longitude = shumate_location_get_longitude (SHUMATE_LOCATION (viewport));
latitude_y = (guint) shumate_map_source_get_y (self->map_source, zoom_level, latitude);
longitude_x = (guint) shumate_map_source_get_x (self->map_source, zoom_level, longitude);
source_rows = shumate_map_source_get_row_count (self->map_source, zoom_level);
source_columns = shumate_map_source_get_column_count (self->map_source, zoom_level);
// This is the (column,row) of the top left ShumateTile
tile_initial_row = (center_y - height/2)/tile_size;
tile_initial_column = (center_x - width/2)/tile_size;
tile_initial_row = (latitude_y - height/2)/tile_size;
tile_initial_column = (longitude_x - width/2)/tile_size;
x_offset = (center_x - tile_initial_column * tile_size) - width/2;
y_offset = (center_y - tile_initial_row * tile_size) - height/2;
x_offset = (longitude_x - tile_initial_column * tile_size) - width/2;
y_offset = (latitude_y - tile_initial_row * tile_size) - height/2;
child_allocation.y = -y_offset;
child_allocation.width = tile_size;
child_allocation.height = tile_size;
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