Commit c4c50a46 authored by Julian Sparber's avatar Julian Sparber

[feat] allow user to click on notification's open btn to open file

parent 768b9c8a
......@@ -27,3 +27,4 @@ _libs
......@@ -17,16 +17,17 @@
static SoupSession *session;
static gboolean debug;
static gchar *output_direcotry;
int saveFile (SoupMessage *msg, const gchar *output_file_path);
int saveFile (SoupMessage *, const gchar *, const gchar *);
gchar * getFilePath (const gchar *, const gchar *);
static void
finished (SoupSession *session, SoupMessage *msg, gpointer target)
//GVariant *target array: {originDevice, url, filename}
//GVariant *target array: {originDevice, url, filename, downloadDirectory}
(char *) g_variant_get_string (
g_variant_get_child_value ((GVariant *) target, 3), NULL),
(char *) g_variant_get_string (
g_variant_get_child_value ((GVariant *) target, 2), NULL));
......@@ -39,7 +40,7 @@ finished (SoupSession *session, SoupMessage *msg, gpointer target)
get (char *url, const gchar *outputFilename)
get (char *url, const gchar *downloadDirectory, const gchar *outputFilename)
GError *error = NULL;
SoupLogger *logger = NULL;
......@@ -76,6 +77,7 @@ get (char *url, const gchar *outputFilename)
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", "devicename");
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", url);
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", outputFilename);
g_variant_builder_add (builder, "s", downloadDirectory);
target = g_variant_new ("as", builder);
g_variant_builder_unref (builder);
......@@ -84,7 +86,7 @@ get (char *url, const gchar *outputFilename)
return 0;
int saveFile (SoupMessage *msg, const gchar *outputFilename) {
int saveFile (SoupMessage *msg, const gchar *outputDirectory, const gchar *outputFilename) {
const char *name;
FILE *output_file = NULL;
......@@ -102,9 +104,7 @@ int saveFile (SoupMessage *msg, const gchar *outputFilename) {
//g_print ("%s: Got a file offered form a other peer. Will not save anything.\n", name);
else {
output_file = fopen (g_strdup_printf("%s%s", output_direcotry,
g_uri_escape_string(outputFilename, NULL, TRUE)),
output_file = fopen (getFilePath(outputDirectory, outputFilename), "w");
if (!output_file)
g_printerr ("Error trying to create file %s.\n", outputFilename);
......@@ -125,16 +125,21 @@ int saveFile (SoupMessage *msg, const gchar *outputFilename) {
int do_client_notify (char *url)
get (g_strdup(url), NULL);
get (g_strdup(url), NULL, NULL);
g_print("Offering selected file to other machine.\n");
return 0;
gchar * getFilePath (const gchar *outputDirectory, const gchar *outputFilename) {
return g_strdup_printf("%s%s", outputDirectory,
g_uri_escape_string(outputFilename, NULL, TRUE));
do_downloading (const char *originDevice, const char *url, const char *filename)
output_direcotry = "./test_download/";
gchar *outputDirectory = "./test_download/";
g_print("Downloading %s to %s\n", url, g_uri_escape_string(filename, NULL, TRUE));
get (g_strdup(url), filename);
get (g_strdup(url), outputDirectory, filename);
return 0;
......@@ -61,7 +61,13 @@ void do_nothing_callback (GSimpleAction *simple,
void open_file_callback (GSimpleAction *simple,
GVariant *parameter,
gpointer user_data) {
g_print("Open file\n");
g_print("Open file\n %s%s",
g_variant_get_string (g_variant_get_child_value (parameter, 3), NULL),
g_variant_get_string (g_variant_get_child_value (parameter, 2), NULL));
g_spawn_command_line_async(g_strdup_printf("xdg-open /home/julian/Projects/teleport/src/%s%s",
g_variant_get_string (g_variant_get_child_value (parameter, 3), NULL),
g_variant_get_string (g_variant_get_child_value (parameter, 2), NULL)), NULL);
void create_user_notification (const char *file_name, const int file_size, const char *origin_device, GVariant *target) {
......@@ -160,7 +166,7 @@ teleport_app_activate (GApplication *app) {
create_finished_notification ("USER", 2000, "FILENAME", value);
do_downloading("Julian", "", "juliansfile");
do_downloading("Julian", "", "juliansfile.txt");
run_avahi_publish_service((char *) g_get_host_name());
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