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    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      Some smaller ergonomic changes · 6f871b7c
      Günther Wagner authored
      in an `if` condition, avoid complex blocks or closures with blocks; instead, move the block or closure higher and bind it with a `let`
      writing `&String` instead of `&str` involves a new object where a slice will do. (function parameter)
      this `.into_iter()` call is equivalent to `.iter()` and will not move the `slice`
      writing `&Vec<_>` instead of `&[_]` involves one more reference and cannot be used with non-Vec-based slices.
    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      destructuring single pattern · 3d217ac8
      Günther Wagner authored
      If destructuring a pattern and only using one match then its better to use
      if let statements to avoid the rest-match arm.
    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      fix option maps with a unit closure · 5b9a52c6
      Günther Wagner authored
      warning: called `map(f)` on an `Option` value where `f` is a unit closure
      This is about readability - its more clearly in an if let statement
    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      Unnecessary 'return' removed · bf2c6db1
      Günther Wagner authored
      This removes let return statements and 'return' whenever it is not needed as
      it is possible to omit it.
    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      Removed redundant imports · 1c8be40e
      Günther Wagner authored
      Imports are only necessary if a specific symbol gets imported. Importing a crate without symbols
      is redundant as you have to use the crate name also in the first usage.
    • Günther Wagner's avatar
      Remove redundant clones · a3a6c6ea
      Günther Wagner authored
      If an object gets dropped after a clone without any usage then clippy can
      recognize this. Removed these to lower the memory stress.
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  19. 06 Mar, 2020 1 commit
    • Sonja Heinze's avatar
      Assimilate room context menus · 8ec00cfc
      Sonja Heinze authored
      Before, the three dot context menu button in the media viewer only provided
      the option "Save as". Now, it provides the same popover, right click on
      the corresponding media widget in the room history does. That is the
      same popover as the one the three dot context menu button of videos in
      the room history provides.
  20. 05 Mar, 2020 1 commit
  21. 25 Feb, 2020 1 commit
  22. 20 Feb, 2020 1 commit
    • Sonja Heinze's avatar
      Fix crashes when redacting messages · 4faeabc8
      Sonja Heinze authored
      Before, when deleting a message, the corresponding widget was removed
      from the listbox (field listbox of List), but its corresponding element
      was not removed from the VecDeque (field list of List). That lead to having
      elements in list whose corresponding widgets were not realized, triggering
      a crash when trying to get the relative position of those elements.
      This commit fixes that bug.