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Update the diagram to have it be more clear

Also, store a png with it in the hopes that that can be viewed inline
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......@@ -59,7 +59,14 @@ The stack is stored as a `GList` going backwards at time. The HEAD of the list,
See this diagram for a better explanation:
+[PuzzleStack Structure](puzzle-stack-diagram.svg)
+[PuzzleStack Structure](/docs/puzzle-stack-diagram.svg)<br>
_Example PuzzleStack after a few operations_
In this example, the following steps have happened:
* The user selected a template and switched pages to the Grid page.
* The user then made a change to the grid by placing a letter
* The user made another change to the grid by placing another letter
* The user then pressed the undo button to undo that second letter
## Memory Management
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