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Release 43.alpha1

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# Builder 43.alpha1
This release is not intended for end-users.
We're still under heavy development porting to GTK 4 and landing the new
subsystems for GNOME 43. This release is therefore not yet Beta quality
and so instead of a beta, we're releasing 43.alpha1.
It has too many fixes to enumerate since 43.alpha0, so you'll have to
look through the commit log for the details.
# Builder 43.alpha0
This release is not intended for end-users.
......@@ -22,4 +33,4 @@ is for another time.
Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the GTK 4 port, it's been a full out
scramble to port such a gigantic project in one cycle.
-- Christian
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-- Christian
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@
<translation type="gettext">gnome-builder</translation>
<release version="43.alpha0" date="2022-07-13"/>
<release version="43.alpha1" date="2022-08-05"/>
<content_rating type="oars-1.1">
......@@ -50,7 +50,7 @@ master_doc = 'index'
# General information about the project.
project = 'Builder'
copyright = '2017-2019, Christian Hergert, et al.'
copyright = '2017-2022, Christian Hergert, et al.'
author = 'Christian Hergert, et al.'
# The version info for the project you're documenting, acts as replacement for
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ author = 'Christian Hergert, et al.'
# The short X.Y version.
version = '43'
# The full version, including alpha/beta/rc tags.
release = '43.alpha0'
release = '43.alpha1'
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# for a list of supported languages.
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