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jedi: show documentation next to completion suggestions

This is a prototype to get documentation from .gir files and show it
next to our completion suggestions. It uses a simple sqlite db for
storing the documentation, and adds a dependency on lxml for parsing
the documentation.

For the long term, it would be a good idea to port this to C so other
plugins (eg. the clang one) could use it to show documentation too.

I hope we can use this work to later add a context menu item
"show documention" to get documentation for the selected symbol.
parent aed12e79
......@@ -21,6 +21,19 @@
import gi
# lxml is faster than the Python standard library xml, and can ignore invalid
# characters (which occur in some .gir files).
# gnome-code-assistance also needs lxml, so I think it's okay to use it here.
import lxml.etree
except ImportError:
HAS_LXML = False
print('Warning: python3-lxml is not installed, no documentation will be available in Python auto-completion')
import os
import os.path
import sqlite3
import threading
gi.require_version('Builder', '1.0')
gi.require_version('Gtk', '3.0')
......@@ -38,6 +51,8 @@ from gi.repository import GObject
from gi.repository import Gtk
from gi.repository import GtkSource
from gi.repository import Ide
from gi.types import GObjectMeta
from gi.types import StructMeta
gi_importer = DynamicImporter('gi.repository')
......@@ -159,6 +174,94 @@ except ImportError:
HAS_JEDI = False
class DocumentationDB(object):
def __init__(self):
self.db = None
self.cursor = None
def close(self):
"Close the DB if open"
if self.db is not None:
self.cursor = None
self.db = None
def open(self):
"Open the DB (if needed)"
if self.db is None:
doc_db_path = os.path.join(GLib.get_user_data_dir(), 'gnome-builder', 'doc.db')
self.db = sqlite3.connect(doc_db_path)
self.cursor = self.db.cursor()
# Create the tables if they don't exist to prevent exceptions later on
self.cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS doc (symbol text, library_version text, doc text, gir_file text)')
self.cursor.execute('CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS girfiles (file text, last_modified integer)')
def query(self, symbol, version):
"Query the documentation DB"
self.cursor.execute('SELECT doc FROM doc WHERE symbol=? AND library_version=?', (symbol, version))
result = self.cursor.fetchone()
if result is not None:
return result[0]
return None
def update(self, close_when_done=False):
"Build the documentation DB and ensure it's up to date"
if not HAS_LXML:
return # Can't process the gir files without lxml
gir_path = '/usr/share/gir-1.0'
ns = {'core': '',
'c': ''}
cursor = self.cursor
# I would use scandir for better performance, but it requires newer Python
for gir_file in os.listdir(gir_path):
filename = os.path.join(gir_path, gir_file)
mtime = os.stat(filename).st_mtime
cursor.execute('SELECT * from girfiles WHERE file=?', (filename,))
result = cursor.fetchone()
if result is None:
cursor.execute('INSERT INTO girfiles VALUES (?, ?)', (filename, mtime))
if result[1] >= mtime:
# updated
cursor.execute('DELETE FROM doc WHERE gir_file=?', (filename,))
cursor.execute('UPDATE girfiles SET last_modified=? WHERE file=?', (mtime, filename))
parser = lxml.etree.XMLParser(recover=True)
tree = lxml.etree.parse(filename, parser=parser)
namespace = tree.find('core:namespace', namespaces=ns)
library_version = namespace.attrib['version']
for node in namespace.findall('core:class', namespaces=ns):
doc = node.find('core:doc', namespaces=ns)
if doc is not None:
symbol = node.attrib['{}type-name']
cursor.execute("INSERT INTO doc VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)",
(symbol, library_version, doc.text, filename))
for method in namespace.findall('core:method', namespaces=ns) + \
namespace.findall('core:constructor', namespaces=ns) + \
namespace.findall('core:function', namespaces=ns):
doc = method.find('core:doc', namespaces=ns)
if doc is not None:
symbol = method.attrib['{}identifier']
cursor.execute("INSERT INTO doc VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?)",
(symbol, library_version, doc.text, filename))
if close_when_done:
def update_doc_db_on_startup():
db = DocumentationDB()
threading.Thread(target=db.update, args={'close_when_done': True}).start()
class JediCompletionProvider(Ide.Object, GtkSource.CompletionProvider, Ide.CompletionProvider):
context = None
current_word = None
......@@ -363,6 +466,10 @@ class JediCompletionProposal(Ide.CompletionItem, GtkSource.CompletionProposal):
def completion_params(self):
return self.variant.get_child_value(3).unpack()
def completion_doc(self):
return self.variant.get_child_value(4).get_string()
def do_get_label(self):
return self.completion_label
......@@ -392,6 +499,10 @@ class JediCompletionProposal(Ide.CompletionItem, GtkSource.CompletionProposal):
def do_get_icon_name(self):
return _ICONS.get(self.completion_type, None)
def do_get_info(self):
return self.completion_doc
class JediCompletionRequest:
did_run = False
cancelled = False
......@@ -421,6 +532,7 @@ class JediCompletionRequest:
# Jedi uses 1-based line indexes, we use 0 throughout Builder.
script = jedi.Script(self.content, self.line + 1, self.column, self.filename)
db = DocumentationDB()
for info in script.completions():
if self.cancelled:
......@@ -446,9 +558,40 @@ class JediCompletionRequest:
results.append((_TYPES.get(info.real_type, 0),, info.complete, params))
doc = info.docstring()
if hasattr(info._definition, 'obj'):
obj = info._definition.obj
symbol = None
namespace = None
if type(obj) == GObjectMeta or type(obj) == StructMeta:
if hasattr(obj, '__info__'):
symbol = obj.__info__.get_type_name()
namespace = obj.__info__.get_namespace()
elif type(obj) == FunctionInfo:
symbol = obj.get_symbol()
namespace = obj.get_namespace()
if symbol is not None:
# we need to walk down the path to find the module so we can get the version
parent = info._definition.parent
found = False
while not found:
new_parent = parent.parent
if new_parent is None:
found = True
parent = new_parent
version = parent.obj._version
result = db.query(symbol, version)
if result is not None:
doc = result
results.append((_TYPES.get(info.real_type, 0),, info.complete, params, doc))
self.invocation.return_value(GLib.Variant('(a(issas))', (results,)))
self.invocation.return_value(GLib.Variant('(a(issass))', (results,)))
def cancel(self):
if not self.cancelled and not self.did_run:
......@@ -464,7 +607,7 @@ class JediService(Builder.DBusService):
self.queue = {}
self.handler_id = 0
@Builder.DBusMethod('org.gnome.builder.plugins.jedi', in_signature='siis', out_signature='a(issas)', async=True)
@Builder.DBusMethod('org.gnome.builder.plugins.jedi', in_signature='siis', out_signature='a(issass)', async=True)
def CodeComplete(self, invocation, filename, line, column, content):
if filename in self.queue:
request = self.queue.pop(filename)
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