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    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      Release 0.17.3 · 53601307
      Carlos Garnacho authored
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      tests: Updated gtester scripts to improve testing system · 73c0decd
      Martyn Russell authored
      We imported Makefile.decl from glib when it was using Subversion, a long time
      ago. The script had a few issues (like running all unit tests twice on make
      distcheck) and needed to be updated.
      I've stolen a latest version from GLib's glib.mk and also their m4 macros
      which are required to make this all work too.
      This gives us the advantage of defining installable and uninstallable test
      cases as well as test data, scripts and other useful stuff.
      The debug output also looks quite good.
      And distcheck passes :)
    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      docs: Make sure we fix cross referenced library symbols · 400d22f1
      Martyn Russell authored
      Fixes the warnings about GError and other symbols which are unknown when
      generating the documentation for libtracker-{sparql|miner|control}
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      libtracker-control: New separate library, just contains TrackerMinerManager · dddc6c94
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      TrackerMinerManager has been moved from libtracker-miner, so it remains a library
      to implement miners. libtracker-control will be of interest to anything that
      attempts to track or control the state of running/available miners.
    • Carlos Garnacho's avatar
      libtracker-extract: Make it completely private · 60fdc9b9
      Carlos Garnacho authored
      This library has some rough spots, mainly around:
      1) Usefulness: The library is not specially useful outside of
         tracker. In the source tree we already have plenty of extract
         modules that handle most popular file formats. Future-wise, if
         a brand new file format earns popularity, we'll want it in the
         tracker tree, and not as an external module. So neither
         implementing minor third party out-of-tree modules nor offering
         the possibility to reimplement a type Tracker knows well is a
         compelling thing to support.
      2) Maintainability: The API is highly inconsistent, hardly
         introspectable and with little forward-compatibility thinking.
      So in short, libtracker-extract is something we want to keep under
      the rug, only available to tracker-miner-fs and tracker-extract.
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    • Martyn Russell's avatar
      build: depend on libmediaart · 356b2700
      Martyn Russell authored
      Previously we did everything ourselves, but now we've exported all mediaart
      functionality to a new library and we just link with that now!
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