Commit f97d0e64 authored by Debarshi Ray's avatar Debarshi Ray

tracker-extract-png: Insert "nfo:image-category-screenshot" as a URI

This is not a string, but a builtin class, so it must be dealt with as
a URI.
parent 163aea34
......@@ -562,7 +562,7 @@ read_metadata (TrackerResource *metadata,
g_ptr_array_free (keywords, TRUE);
if (g_strcmp0(, "gnome-screenshot") == 0) {
tracker_resource_set_string (metadata, "nie:isPartOf", "nfo:image-category-screenshot");
tracker_resource_add_uri (metadata, "nie:isPartOf", "nfo:image-category-screenshot");
tracker_exif_free (ed);
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