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Release 1.99.0

parent 11b8423f
NEW in 1.99.0 - 2017-07-06
WARNING: This is unstable development towards 2.0. There are API and
ABI incompatibilities that might affect you.
* Domain ontologies: it is now possible to create domain-specific SPARQL
endpoints with customizable ontologies and data locations. It is possible
to do so either in-process using the traditional Tracker daemons to
do the work (Note: miners rely on Nepomuk ontology).
* Deleted nautilus/firefox/evolution/thunderbird plugins. They were in
a pitiful state of maintainership, the latter 2 being known broken for
some time already.
* Deleted tracker-needle. It has been in strict maintenance state for years,
since then other UIs have integrated Tracker search and offer a more
compelling and modern experience.
* Deleted tracker-preferences. Tracker has been using GSettings for years,
so doesn't specifically require an UI for it, there's of course room
for desktop integrated configuration, gnome-control-center does this
for example.
* Made portions of libtracker-miner useful on the client side. Miners don't
mandate anymore an org.freedesktop.Tracker1.Miner DBus interface/name,
this is instead delegated on TrackerMinerProxy. TrackerMinerFS has been
made largely independent of the ontology in use, all high level operations
that do require SPARQL updates are now exposed in TrackerMinerFSClass.
* Removed deprecated and duplicate API on libtracker-miner
* Added documentation about creating and maintaining ontologies.
* Removed maemo leftovers.
* libtracker-sparql: Protect sqlite3_bind* with interface lock
* Improvements to meson build
Translations: ca, sr
NEW in 1.13.0 - 2017-05-23
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