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Commit 864e6beb authored by Martyn Russell's avatar Martyn Russell

Release 0.16.3

parent 4820c919
NEW in 0.16.3 - 2013-11-01
The changes are:
* Require: libgsf version to 1.14.24 needed for gsf_doc_meta_data_read_from_msole()
* Build: use $(MKDIR_P) instead of $(mkdir_p)
* Build: use pkg-config to search for ICU and honour LIBICU flags for libtracker-extract
* Build: improve warnings generated from Vala generated C files
* Build: avoid warnings about use of old INCLUDES in
* Build: remove no longer needed glib version dependent code paths
* Fixes: GB#703097, Fix typos in tracker-search man page
* Fixes: GB#706003, should not carry a copy of gio-2.0.vapi
* Fixes: GB#709703, rules files not noarch
* Fixes: GB#699412, libtracker-fts/parser/nwords_6 test fails
* Fixes: GB#707499, plural form in string "Pages"
* Fixes: GB#707150, No error given
* Fixes: GB#707151, context for strings
* Fixes: GB#707498, ellipsis instead of three dots
* Part-Fixes: GB#676209, Collation breaks in C locale
* libtracker-common: use procfs psinfo instead of cmdline on Solaris
* libtracker-common: support both UPower 1.0 and pre-1.0 APIs
* libtracker-common: fix tests expecting stdout/stderr messages
* libtracker-common, tracker-miner-fs: Make sure we load config files properly when using TRACKER_USE_CONFIG_FILES
* libtracker-bus: allow cancellation when iterating TrackerCursor
* libtracker-miner, libtracker-sparql: Fixed missing setlocale() in unit tests
* libtracker-miner: Check segment array bounds in peek function for tracker-priority-queue, fixes crash
* libtracker-fts: Always do full unicode testing,
e.g. NDF strings and full-word casefolding,
GLib didn't support this before but we no longer support GLib.
* tracker-preferences: Remove markup from UI files
* tracker-extract-pdf: remove usage of non async-signal safe functions from signal handler, fixes crash on Solaris
* man-pages: Added information about TRACKER_SPARQL_BACKEND and TRACKER_PRAGMAS_FILE
* functional-tests: No longer need to install DConf profile in /etc
* utils/sandbox: Hugely improved version from Sam's original and now written in Python
Allows prefixes for binaries, separate data stores and separately
configured locations for content indexing
* Updated ca: Gil Forcada
* Updated ca@valencia: Carles Ferrando
* Updated cs: Marek Černocký
* Updated da: Kenneth Nielsen
* Updated de: Wolfgang Stöggl
* Updated eo: Kristjan SCHMIDT
* Updated es: Daniel Mustieles
* Updated fi: Ville-Pekka Vainio
* Updated fr: Frédéric Péters
* Updated gl: Fran Diéguez
* Updated he: Yaron Shahrabani
* Updated hu: Gabor Kelemen
* Updated id: Andika Triwidada
* Updated it: Milo Casagrande
* Updated ja: Jiro Matsuzawa
* Updated ko: Seong-ho Cho
* Updated lt: Aurimas Černius
* Updated lv: Rūdolfs Mazurs
* Updated ml: Anish A
* Updated pl: Piotr Drąg
* Updated pt_BR: Enrico Nicoletto, Rafael Ferreira
* Updated ru: Yuri Myasoedov
* Updated sk: Dušan Kazik
* Updated sl: Matej Urbančič
* Updated sr: Мирослав Николић
* Updated sr@latin: Мирослав Николић
* Updated zh_HK: Chao-Hsiung Liao
* Updated zh_TW: Chao-Hsiung Liao
NEW in 0.16.2 - 2013-07-31
......@@ -13,8 +13,8 @@ AC_PREREQ([2.64])
m4_define([tracker_major_version], [0])
m4_define([tracker_minor_version], [16])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [2])
m4_define([tracker_interface_age], [2])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [3])
m4_define([tracker_interface_age], [3])
[m4_eval(100 * tracker_minor_version + tracker_micro_version)])
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