Commit 569b53c7 authored by Carlos Garnacho's avatar Carlos Garnacho

tracker-miner-fs: Explicitly ignore non-native mounts

tracker-miner-fs does rely in a few places to index local content
exclusively. Make it explicitly ignore non-native mounts, they won't
be indexed anyway, but we can spare trying to create the tracker:Volume
and mount root's nfo:FileDataObject for these.

Fixes nie:url constraint errors and other warnings when trying to deal
with those.
parent 07bd5201
......@@ -550,8 +550,16 @@ mount_add (TrackerStorage *storage,
/* Get root path of the mount */
root = g_mount_get_root (mount);
mount_path = g_file_get_path (root);
if (!g_file_is_native (root)) {
gchar *uri = g_file_get_uri (root);
g_debug ("Ignoring mount '%s', URI '%s' is not native",
mount_name, uri);
g_free (uri);
mount_path = g_file_get_path (root);
g_debug ("Found '%s' mounted on path '%s'",
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