Commit 0dcf4d20 authored by Martyn Russell's avatar Martyn Russell

Release 0.17.2

parent cae75624
NEW in 0.17.1 - 2013-11-22
NEW in 0.17.2 - 2014-02-14
The main changes since 0.17.1 are:
The main changes are:
* build: Use API version 1.0 instead of bumping it every stable release (affects .pc and .so filenames)
* build: Require libmediaart >= 0.1.0, code has been exported from Tracker to this library
* build: Make sure --target-glib used with Vala is the correct GLib (was 2.34, should be $GLIB_REQUIRED), removes Vala g_type_init() warnings.
* Fixes GB#696099, tracker needle always show "Loading..." in the Document category
* Fixes GB#723097, Select search results when pressing down
* Fixes GB#721455, Obsolete info in license text on multiple modules
* libtracker-common: Add TRACKER_TRACKER_PREFIX define for tracker: ontology prefix
* libtracker-miner: Ensure the decorator nie:DataSource is queried as an IRI
* libtracker-miner: Make sure we flush remaining TrackerDecorator SPARQL updates when finished, avoids loosing extracted data for last files
* libtracker-miner: Fix infinite loop TrackerDecorator
* libtracker-miner: Fix warning for TrackerFileSystem registering properties twice (with hash destroy function set to NULL)
* libtracker-miner: Improve TrackerDecoratorInfo to be a boxed type fixing a ref-count issue and a requirement for introspection.
* libtracker-miner: Avoid unnecessary query calls when tracker_decorator_next() is called consecutively, we now queue queries.
* libtracker-miner: Various improvements including moving string handling from GArray to GPtrArray and code duplication in TrackerDecorator.
* tracker-extract: Split generic gstreamer/libav extract rules
* tracker-extract: Use fully expanded name for nie:DataSource in decorator to avoid conflicts with shorthand insert IDs
* tracker-needle: Fixed GTK+ 3.x deprecations
* tracker-needle: Fixed typo in, VALACFLAGS was not being used, avoids warnings
* firefox: Added Polish translations for plugin
* thunderbird: Added UI localization support including translations for French, Spanish and Polish
* thunderbird: Escape folder names in URIs
* thunderbird: Port code to make sure it works for Thunderbird 24
* thunderbird: Add and improve debug messages
* Updated cs: Marek Černocký
* Updated gl: Fran Diéguez
* Updated id: Andika Triwidada
* Updated it: Milo Casagrande
* Updated pt_BR: Rafael Ferreira
* Updated zh_HK: Chao-Hsiung Liao
* Updated zh_TW: Chao-Hsiung Liao
NEW in 0.17.1 - 2014-01-24
The main changes are:
* build: Require Vala >= 0.18.0 (was 0.16.0) to avoid Vala 0.16 g_dbus_message_get_body() binding bug
* build: Require GLib >= 2.38 (was 2.35.1) after removing all deprecated g_test_trap_fork() calls for _subprocess()
......@@ -13,7 +13,7 @@ AC_PREREQ([2.64])
m4_define([tracker_major_version], [0])
m4_define([tracker_minor_version], [17])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [1])
m4_define([tracker_micro_version], [2])
m4_define([tracker_interface_age], [0])
[m4_eval(100 * tracker_minor_version + tracker_micro_version)])
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