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Release 0.17.0

parent f2168c0b
NEW in 0.17.0 - 2013-11-22
The main changes since 0.16.x are:
* tracker-tag: Fixed GLib-WARNING **: goption.c:2193: ignoring no-arg...
* tracker-tag: Fix --list (-t) to use logical OR, not AND
* sparql: Fix AS ?foo handling in FTS queries
* portability: Avoid some GNUisms and #ifdef linux specific API
* portability: OpenBSD improvements
* portability: Solaris improvements
* portability: kqueue fixes
* build: Stopped using deprecated glib functions
* build: Use UPower >=0.99 if available
* build: Improve warnings generated from Vala generated C files
* build: Add compile time options to enable/disable multiple extractors
* build: GIO vapi was updated
* build: Updated GSF dependency to >=1.14.24
* extractors: EPUB extractor has been improved, content is now more complete.
* extractors: Added ICU-based encoding detection
* extractors: improved media metadata in mp3 and gstreamer extractors.
* extractors: detect GNOME screenshots and these to a category
* utils: Added tracker-sandbox
* documentation: Improved utils manpages and document some envvars
* miner-fs: Improvements in indexing of removable media
* libtracker-sparql-backend: Fix connection singleton mutex issue
* sparql: stop using deprecated sqlite count_changes PRAGMA
* libtracker-bus: allow cancellation when iterating cursor
* libtracker-direct: don't allow connection if current and db locale mismatch
Many, thank you to everyone involved.
NEW in 0.16.0 - 2013-03-18
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