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    tracker-miner-fs: Fix a completion check when removing the final task · d12df896
    Philip Withnall authored
    Depending on how mining goes, this path might be the last one taken
    before the miner is ready to go idle again. However, the check on the
    task pool size is guaranteed to be false because the task which
    item_add_or_update_continue() was called on has not yet been removed
    from the pool — that’s done directly below.
    Fix that by removing the task from the task pool before checking whether
    the pool is empty.
    This fixes stalls in tracker-miner-fs where `tracker-control -S` would
    show the following for ever (when running with
    index-recursive-directories set to a non-empty list):
       1%  File System - Crawl finished for directory 'blah'
    Previously, the only way to fix this was to pause and then resume the
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