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    miner-fs: Fix tracking file move · cd731b48
    Martin Kampas authored
    Identified by MinerCrawlTest::test_07_move_from_monitored_to_monitored
    In item_move() it fails to get source_iri, does not check it's validity and
    uses it in the DELETE expression of the SPARQL query constructed there.
    Broken since d836f002 (libtracker-miner: Store iri transiently as GFile
    qdata) - tracker_file_notifier_get_file_iri() is added 'force' argument
    and (wrapped with lookup_file_urn) passed force=FALSE from item_move().
    This call then fails for regular files because only directories are
    cached once crawling has completed as stated in the comment in
    finish_current_directory() in libtracker-miner/tracker-file-notifier.c.
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