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    libtracker-miner: Invalidate the IRI of just inserted elements · c390dbaa
    Carlos Garnacho authored
    This allows us to be smarter about when to look up the IRI on the database.
    If a file is created and being slowly written to (eg. downloads),
    ::file-created will be emitted for the file eventually, but the updates
    will keep the file instance alive on the TrackerFileSystem.
    In this case we attempted to be smart and avoid querying needlessly the
    database for the IRI, which resulted on a mistakenly NULL IRI, and on
    an attempt to "create" the item again, even though it existed. This
    resulted in "UNIQUE constraint" errors.
    One thing we can do is "invalidating" the IRI, so the next time we
    call tracker_file_notifier_get_file_iri() on it, a query is forced only
    in these situations, this will make later updates happy with the right
    If the updates are too slow, and the file happens to be flushed out
    of the TrackerFileSystem (all non-directory files do), the next update
    would trigger again its insertion, and the IRI would be queried again,
    so we're safe in that regard.
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