Commit 8a0de6df authored by Owen W. Taylor's avatar Owen W. Taylor
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Avoid restacking animating hidden actors

Since the stack passed to the compositor now accurately reflects
the X stacking order, we need to treat hidden windows (which are
at the bottom of the X stacking order) specially - when the
compositor stacking order is synced, try to keep animating hidden
actors in their old positions in the stack.
parent 2bf0b2b6
......@@ -2430,26 +2430,77 @@ clutter_cmp_sync_stack (MetaCompositor *compositor,
MetaScreen *screen,
GList *stack)
GList *tmp;
GList *old_stack;
MetaCompScreen *info = meta_screen_get_compositor_data (screen);
DEBUG_TRACE ("clutter_cmp_sync_stack\n");
/* NB: The first entry in stack, is stacked the highest */
for (tmp = stack; tmp != NULL; tmp = tmp->next)
/* This is painful because hidden windows that we are in the process
* of animating out of existence. They'll be at the bottom of the
* stack of X windows, but we want to leave them in their old position
* until the animation effect finishes.
/* Sources: first window is the highest */
stack = g_list_copy (stack); /* The new stack of MetaWindow */
old_stack = g_list_reverse (info->windows); /* The old stack of MutterWindow */
info->windows = NULL;
while (TRUE)
MetaWindow *window = tmp->data;
MutterWindow *cw = MUTTER_WINDOW (meta_window_get_compositor_private (window));
MutterWindow *old_actor = NULL, *stack_actor = NULL, *actor;
MetaWindow *old_window = NULL, *stack_window = NULL, *window;
if (!cw)
meta_verbose ("Failed to find corresponding MutterWindow "
"for window %p\n", window);
/* Find the remaining top actor in our existing stack */
if (old_stack)
old_actor = old_stack->data;
old_window = mutter_window_get_meta_window (old_actor);
/* And the remaining top actor in the new stack */
while (stack)
stack_window = stack->data;
stack_actor = MUTTER_WINDOW (meta_window_get_compositor_private (stack_window));
if (!stack_actor)
meta_verbose ("Failed to find corresponding MutterWindow "
"for window %s\n", meta_window_get_description (stack_window));
stack = g_list_delete_link (stack, stack);
if (!old_actor && !stack_actor) /* Nothing more to stack */
/* We usually prefer the window in the new stack, but if if we
* found a hidden window in the process of being animated out
* of existence in the old stack we use that instead.
if (old_actor &&
(!stack_actor ||
(old_window->hidden &&
effect_in_progress (old_actor, TRUE))))
actor = old_actor;
window = old_window;
actor = stack_actor;
window = stack_window;
/* OK, we know what actor we want next. Add it to our window
* list, and remove it from the sources.
info->windows = g_list_prepend (info->windows, actor);
info->windows = g_list_remove (info->windows, (gconstpointer)cw);
info->windows = g_list_prepend (info->windows, cw);
stack = g_list_remove (stack, window);
old_stack = g_list_remove (old_stack, actor);
sync_actor_stacking (info->windows);
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