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Overview of Changes in 4.6.4, 13-05-2022
* GtkFileChooser:
- Fix select button sensitivity in select_folder mode
- Fix some fallout from list model porting
* GtkListView, GtkColumnView:
- Optimize scrolling
* print-to-file:
- Handle nonexisting files better in the dialog
* Avoid infinite loops in size allocation
* CSS:
- Optimize a case of reparenting that is important in GtkListView
* GSK:
- Check for half-float support before using it
* Wayland:
- Ignore empty preedit updates This fixes a problem with
textview scrolling
- Freeze popups when hidden. This addresses a frame rate drop
* Translation updates
Overview of Changes in 4.6.3, 21-04-2022
project('gtk', 'c',
version: '4.6.3',
version: '4.6.4',
default_options: [
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