Commit 8e94fc41 authored by Debarshi Ray's avatar Debarshi Ray


parent e577c8fa
Version 3.14.3
- Translation updates
- Fix crash to missing icon
- Also work with NetworkManager 1.0
- Allocate storage for zone name during D-Bus call
- Fix initial state of Bluetooth switch
- Remove border around model name
- Prevent an endless loop and resulting stack overflow
- Don't add the folder if the dialog isn't explicity accepted
- Update help URI
- Unset sort terms when search entry is programatically cleared
Universal Access:
- Fix typo
User Accounts:
- Change default size for avatar cropping to match Cheese
- Don't crash when closing fingerprint dialog
- Don't crash when network changes
- Don't show empty row for remote users
Version 3.14.2
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.14.2)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.14.3)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [gnome_control_center_version],
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