Commit 0c6ed9af authored by Rui Matos's avatar Rui Matos


parent d13a9a14
Version 3.13.92
- Translation updates
- Updated libgd to fix GdNotification theming
- Fix background chooser dialog resizing when switching views
- Use a stack with three views for the chooser dialog
- Fix memory leak in Flickr support
Date & Time:
- Don't hard-code font size
- Fix a crash if the WM changes (or restarts)
- Fix possible crash when wireless-enabled changes
- Fix more potential crashers for WWAN
- Report hotspot is running only if device is active
- Really hide all of the virtualisation bridges
- Don't show underlying device for VPN connections
- Fix empty folder list by default
User Accounts:
- Fix various UI padding issues
- Fix focus in the account dialog
Version 3.13.91
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.13.91)
m4_define([gnome_control_center_version], 3.13.92)
AC_INIT([gnome-control-center], [gnome_control_center_version],
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