Commit 149e4d69 authored by Jonas Ådahl's avatar Jonas Ådahl Committed by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto

monitor-manager: Don't use switch-config when ensuring configuration

Switch-configs are only to be used in certain circumstances (see
meta_monitor_manager_can_switch_config()) so when ensuring
configuration and attempting to create a linear configuration, use the
linear configuration constructor function directly without going via the
switch config method, otherwise we might incorrectly fall back to the
fallback configuration (only enable primary monitor).

This is a regression introduced by 6267732b.

Fixes: GNOME/mutter#342
parent 8d514095
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......@@ -560,9 +560,7 @@ meta_monitor_manager_ensure_configured (MetaMonitorManager *manager)
g_clear_object (&config);
config =
meta_monitor_config_manager_create_for_switch_config (manager->config_manager,
config = meta_monitor_config_manager_create_linear (manager->config_manager);
if (config)
if (!meta_monitor_manager_apply_monitors_config (manager,
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