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# libhandy-rs
This repository contains the WIP rust bindings for libhandy.
This repository contains the rust bindings for libhandy.
## Using
Add this line to your Cargo file
......@@ -12,8 +12,7 @@ libhandy = { git = "" }
We use [gir]( to generate rust libhandy bindings. The bindings are split in two parts, sys and api.
git clone --recurse
cd libhandy-rs/gir
cp ../Handy-0.0.gir ../gir-files
cargo run --release -- -c ../libhandy-sys/gir-libhandy.toml -d ../gir-files -m sys -o ../libhandy-sys
cargo run --release -- -c ../libhandy/Gir.toml -d ../gir-files -o ../libhandy
cd libhandy-rs/
cp ./Handy-0.0.gir ./gir-files
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