Commit c0f85477 authored by Alex Crichton's avatar Alex Crichton

Be sure to canonicalize signal names passed to `connect`

Closes #43
parent 7be6b13a
......@@ -89,7 +89,8 @@ pub fn slot_trait_impls<'ast>(names: &Names, slots: &[Slot<'ast>]) -> Vec<TokenS
let connect_signalname = signals::connect_signalname(signal);
let signalname_trampoline = signals::signal_trampoline_name(signal);
let sig = &signal.sig;
let signalname_str = format!("{}",;
let signalname_str = signals::canonicalize_signal_name(&
.expect("rust identifiers should always be canonicalizable");
let input_types = signal.sig.input_arg_types();
let output = &sig.output;
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