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      build: don't embed beautifier plugin · 88cd3fc5
      Christian Hergert authored
      The beautifier plugin does not currently know how to access embedded
      resources, and when embedding it, we get a different data_dir back from
      So for now, lets just not embed the plugin and once that is all fixed,
      we can change it to use embedded plugins.
  8. 23 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      build: add libgnome-builder-plugins for embedding plugins · e2f8a08d
      Christian Hergert authored
      This creates a new library that contains many plugins inside of it.  The idea
      here is that the gnome-builder executable will link against this library
      allowing us to drastically reduce the number of files that are checked/loaded
      when starting a gnome-builder process.
  9. 21 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      source tree reorganization · 9b9db776
      Christian Hergert authored
      As the project has grown, we've let things get a bit out of their
      logical place. This does a bit of cleanup and tries to bring some
      of the embedded resources closer to where they are used.
      But more importantly, this allows us to clean some things up to
      the point that we can move forward statically linking a bunch of
      the plugins into libide. The plan here is to speed up the initial
      loading by avoiding lots of disk I/O stats which are currently
      hurting us.
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      libide is a GPL-3.0 shared library · 7d137ac9
      Christian Hergert authored
      Typically I use LGPL-2.1+ for shared libraries. However, due to the
      nature of libide being the "guts" of Builder, I do intend for this to
      be GPL-3.0. Additionally, it simplifies what we can include in the
      library without worrying about staying LGPL safe.
      Exceptions will of course be made for upstreaming into libraries such as
      GtkSourceView. Just ask if you want something in particular.
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      libide: add libide design and prototype · f97cfeeb
      Christian Hergert authored
                  ** This is not ready for public consumption **
      This includes the basic design and skeleton implementation of plans for
      libide. Everything extends from the IdeContext object. All objects, with
      the exception of IdeContext, are decendants of an IdeContext.
      Since scripting is important for this system, it is important that objects
      are GObject Introspectable. We will add this in the not too distant
      For more information on the objects and components of libide, see
      If you would like to contribute to libide development, get in touch via
      email or IRC so we can collaborate on which component you would like to
      -- Christian
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