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      source tree reorganization · 9b9db776
      Christian Hergert authored
      As the project has grown, we've let things get a bit out of their
      logical place. This does a bit of cleanup and tries to bring some
      of the embedded resources closer to where they are used.
      But more importantly, this allows us to clean some things up to
      the point that we can move forward statically linking a bunch of
      the plugins into libide. The plan here is to speed up the initial
      loading by avoiding lots of disk I/O stats which are currently
      hurting us.
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      Disable 'scroll-on-output' in build log panel · 60b5efe4
      kritarth authored
      Currently, the build log panel is bound to scroll to end whenever new output
      is added to the buffer using gtk_text_view_scroll_to_mark. In order to disable
      this auto-scrolling I added horizontal and vertical GtkAdjustments. These
      adjustments are initialised in gbp_build_log_panel_init(). They point to
      the adjustments of GtkScrolledWindow scroller. With these adjustments I check
      if the user has scrolled back or right manually.
      expression1: value >= upper - page_size - offset
      This expression returns true if the user has not scrolled vertically back.
      The 'offset' is defined as VERTICAL_AUTOSCROLL_TOLERENCE - this means the
      limit upto which scroll-on-output will still work even if the user has
      manually scrolled.
      Detection of horizontal scrolling is done by
      expression2: value <= HORIZONTAL_AUTOSCROLL_TOLERENCE
      HORIZONTAL_AUTOSCROLL_TOLERENCE is set to 3 because the left-margin of text_view is also set at 3.
      if (expression1 && expression2) then
              set the vertical adjustment to upper - page_size
              apply this adjustment to the container
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      panel: rebase IdeLayout and IdeLayoutPane on panel-gtk · e9c4d1f2
      Christian Hergert authored
      Just in time for 3.20, we are landing the panel cleanup. This primarily
      allows us to improve things for the dot releases without breaking ABI,
      and additionally will fix a bunch of resize warnings introduced by gadgets
      in GTK+.
      To the user, things should be pretty much the same. However, we've laid
      the groundwork to be able to incrementally add panel dragging and
      reordering in upcoming releases.
      Additionally, we'll be able to add a floating layer to the system in good
      time (PnlDockOverlay).
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      build-log: don't muck with insert/selection mark · 7f51c1c9
      Christian Hergert authored
      We want to just scroll to the bottom, without touching the insert/selcetion
      mark. "move-cursor" does this just fine.
      We still need to deal with the problem of where the user has manually
      scrolled up, and not continue to autoscroll.
  20. 22 Dec, 2015 4 commits