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    • Phaedrus Leeds's avatar
      configuration: Make the default config persist · 39997b29
      Phaedrus Leeds authored
      When the build configuration management changed to using
      IdeConfigurationProviders rather than doing everything in
      IdeConfigurationManager, the default configuration stopped persisting to
      the disk (so changes made are only effective during a session). This is
      because the configuration was being added by the manager as an
      IdeConfiguration rather than an IdeBuildconfigConfiguration, and
      IdeBuildconfigConfigurationProvider knows how to read and write
      ".buildconfig" files.
      The most obvious solution, creating the default configuration in the
      IdeBuildconfigConfigurationProvider's load function, doesn't work because the
      loads are asynchronous and there has to be at least one configuration
      when the IdeConfigurationManager finishes initializing (otherwise the
      IdeBuildPipeline will fail to initialize).
      Instead, the load interface for IdeConfigurationProviders was changed to
      an async/finish pair, so the IdeConfigurationManager knows when the
      loads finish. At that point, it can check if a configuration was
      restored from a .buildconfig file (in which case nothing needs to be
      done) or if the default configuration was added by the
      IdeConfigurationManager (in which case the buildconfig provider needs to
      be informed of it so it can be persisted when changes are made).
    • Phaedrus Leeds's avatar
      flatpak: Write valid JSON when saving manifest · f713fe80
      Phaedrus Leeds authored
      If the config-opts line is the last item in the module, it shouldn't end
      with a comma. Also, the right curly brace needs to be written before
      continuing to the next iteration of the loop. Otherwise the following
      line will be written before the closing curly brace.
    • Phaedrus Leeds's avatar
      flatpak: Fix use-after-free · 7a8facca
      Phaedrus Leeds authored
      We need to add a comma to the previous line to keep the JSON valid, but
      without using the pointer after it has been freed.
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      sourceview: ensure we have valid textmarks for animations · 854174dd
      Christian Hergert authored
      This checks that the marks we got from the source snippet are valid.
      Otherwise the textiters could be left in an invalid state.
      This also checks to ensure that animations are enabled before calling the
      animation helper.
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      sourceview: cleanup assertions · 5bb2582e
      Christian Hergert authored
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      clang: try harder to keep iter valid · f125e4b0
      Christian Hergert authored
      When performing our operation to activate the clang completion item, we
      want to ensure the iter passed to us stays valid. We also want to pass
      the iter location into push_snippet just to ensure we get the same
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