Commit e1690cfd authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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flatpak: pass --command to build-finish

If we know the command from the manifest, we should pass that to the
flatpak build-finish command. Otherwise, we risk build-finish choosing the
first binary it finds in /app/bin.

Fixes #353
parent 6cca88d4
......@@ -382,7 +382,8 @@ register_build_finish_stage (GbpFlatpakPipelineAddin *self,
g_autoptr(IdeSubprocessLauncher) launcher = NULL;
g_autoptr(IdeBuildStage) stage = NULL;
g_autofree gchar *staging_dir = NULL;
const gchar *const *finish_args;
const gchar * const *finish_args;
const gchar *command;
IdeConfiguration *config;
guint stage_id;
......@@ -394,6 +395,7 @@ register_build_finish_stage (GbpFlatpakPipelineAddin *self,
return TRUE;
command = gbp_flatpak_configuration_get_command (GBP_FLATPAK_CONFIGURATION (config));
finish_args = gbp_flatpak_configuration_get_finish_args (GBP_FLATPAK_CONFIGURATION (config));
staging_dir = gbp_flatpak_get_staging_dir (config);
......@@ -401,6 +403,13 @@ register_build_finish_stage (GbpFlatpakPipelineAddin *self,
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, "flatpak");
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, "build-finish");
if (command != NULL)
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, "--command");
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, command);
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_args (launcher, finish_args);
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, staging_dir);
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