Commit c2aeb69e authored by Daniel Buch Hansen's avatar Daniel Buch Hansen Committed by Christian Hergert
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gui: fix documentation

We simply bridge glib/gio to our implementation, hence match glib/gio
parent 34397ae0
......@@ -88,9 +88,9 @@ ide_application_addin_activate (IdeApplicationAddin *self,
* ide_application_addin_open:
* @self: a #IdeApplicationAddin
* @application: an #ideApplication
* @files: an array of #GFile
* @n_files: number of #GFile elements in @files
* @hint: hint
* @files: (array length=n_files) (element-type GFile): an array of #GFiles
* @n_files: the length of @files
* @hint: a hint provided by the calling instance
* This function is activated when the #GApplication::open signal is emitted.
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