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go-langserv: Import an LSP integration for Go

This adds a basic language server client for the go-langserv language
server. Due to the stability of that language server, only the symbol
resolver interface is currently implemented.

Fixes #343
parent e1c50f06
......@@ -42,6 +42,7 @@ option('with_gettext', type: 'boolean')
option('with_git', type: 'boolean')
option('with_gjs_symbols', type: 'boolean')
option('with_gnome_code_assistance', type: 'boolean')
option('with_go_langserv', type: 'boolean')
option('with_history', type: 'boolean')
option('with_html_completion', type: 'boolean')
option('with_html_preview', type: 'boolean')
# a quick langserver plugin for go
Meant to wrap [Sourcegraph's](
`go-langserver`. It's a straight copy & paste of the rust-langserver
implementation, with some sketchy additional `bash` magic to try and better
support flatpak-packaged Builder.
## Installing and testing
1. Install `go`. Its tooling is stable, 'apt install' or 'yum install' will be fine.
2. Set up your go environment-
export GOPATH=$HOME/go
export PATH="$GOPATH/bin:$PATH"
go get
go install
3. Launch Builder, open ~/go/src/ as a project
4. Right click on a method and click 'go to definition'
## Runtime configuration
Go has a simple environment convention for managing source code. All user code
imports come from $GOPATH/src, so to manage separate projects, you can change
your $GOPATH- think of it as a one-variable equivalent to Python's
`virtualenv`. Developing inside of $GOPATH/src/$PROJECT is the encouraged way
to do things, but you don't have to. Newer versions of Go define a default
'global scrum' $GOPATH in $HOME/go.
The standard library is in $GOROOT/src. If you manually install `go` to a place
that isn't `/usr/local/go`, you'll need to set this, but normally you don't have
to worry about it.
## Bugs:
* I have to disable the rust-langserver extension, or else it seems to take
* `go-langserver` claims to support formatting, but I don't know how to ask
Builder to ask it to do that
* `go-langserver` has recently merged completion support, but it seems crashy
from Builder
Name=Go Language Server Plugin
Description=Provides LSP integration for Go
Copyright=Copyright © 2018 Henry Finucane
#!/usr/bin/env python3
import os
import json
import gi
gi.require_version('Ide', '1.0')
from gi.repository import GLib
from gi.repository import Gio
from gi.repository import GObject
from gi.repository import Ide
DEV_MODE = os.getenv('DEV_MODE') and True or False
class GoService(Ide.Object, Ide.Service):
_client = None
_has_started = False
_supervisor = None
def client(self):
return self._client
def client(self, value):
self._client = value
def do_stop(self):
if self._supervisor:
supervisor, self._supervisor = self._supervisor, None
def _which_go_lanserver(self):
path = os.path.expanduser('~/go/bin/go-langserver')
if os.path.exists(path):
return path
return "go-langserver"
def _ensure_started(self):
# To avoid starting the process unconditionally at startup, lazily
# start it when the first provider tries to bind a client to its
# :client property.
if not self._has_started:
self._has_started = True
launcher = self._create_launcher()
# Locate the directory of the project and run go-langserver from there
workdir = self.get_context().get_vcs().get_working_directory()
# Bash will load the host $PATH and $GOPATH (and optionally $GOROOT) for us.
# This does mean there will be a possible .bashrc vs .bash_profile
# discrepancy. Possibly there is a better native way to make sure that
# builder running in flatpak can run processes in the host context with
# the host's $PATH.
launcher.push_argv('exec %s %s' % (
"-trace" if DEV_MODE else ""))
# Spawn our peer process and monitor it for
# crashes. We may need to restart it occasionally.
self._supervisor = Ide.SubprocessSupervisor()
self._supervisor.connect('spawned', self._ls_spawned)
def _ls_spawned(self, supervisor, subprocess):
stdin = subprocess.get_stdin_pipe()
stdout = subprocess.get_stdout_pipe()
io_stream =, stdin)
if self._client:
self._client =, io_stream)
def _create_launcher(self):
flags = Gio.SubprocessFlags.STDIN_PIPE | Gio.SubprocessFlags.STDOUT_PIPE
if not DEV_MODE:
flags |= Gio.SubprocessFlags.STDERR_SILENCE
launcher = Ide.SubprocessLauncher()
return launcher
def bind_client(klass, provider):
context = provider.get_context()
self = context.get_service_typed(GoService)
self.bind_property('client', provider, 'client', GObject.BindingFlags.SYNC_CREATE)
# This is the only up-to-date looking list of supported things lsp things:
class GoSymbolResolver(Ide.LangservSymbolResolver, Ide.SymbolResolver):
def do_load(self):
## This is supported as of a few weeks ago, but at least for me, it seems
## awfully crashy, so I'm going to leave it disabled by default so as to
## not give a bad impression
#class GoCompletionProvider(Ide.LangservCompletionProvider, GtkSource.CompletionProvider, Ide.CompletionProvider):
# def do_load(self, context):
# GoService.bind_client(self)
## Could not validate that this works, though `go-langserver` says it does.
## Calling out to `gofmt` is probably the more canonical route
#class GoFormatter(Ide.LangservFormatter, Ide.Formatter):
# def do_load(self):
# GoService.bind_client(self)
if get_option('with_go_langserv')
install_data('', install_dir: plugindir)
input: 'go-langserv.plugin',
output: 'go-langserv.plugin',
configuration: configuration_data(),
install: true,
install_dir: plugindir,
......@@ -35,6 +35,7 @@ subdir('gettext')
......@@ -113,6 +114,7 @@ status += [
'Git ................... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_git')),
'GJS Symbol Resolver ... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_gjs_symbols')),
'GNOME Code Assistance . : @0@'.format(get_option('with_gnome_code_assistance')),
'Go Language Server .... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_go_langserv')),
'History ............... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_history')),
'HTML Completion ....... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_html_completion')),
'HTML Preview .......... : @0@'.format(get_option('with_html_preview')),
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