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doc: remove local build section

This is broken and not how we want people doing development anyway. Just
click Run from within Builder.
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......@@ -49,28 +49,6 @@ You can also use the command line to install Builder:
.. note:: Nightly builds are built with tracing enabled. The tracing is fairly lightweight, but it includes a great deal of more debugging information.
Local Flatpak Builds
You can also build Builder as a flatpak yourself to test local changes. First, make a repo for your local builds:
.. code-block:: sh
$ mkdir ~/my-flatpak-builds
$ flatpak remote-add --user --no-gpg-verify my-flatpak-builds ~/my-flatpak-builds
Now, in Builder's source directory, use ``flatpak-builder`` to build a Builder flatpak and install it
.. code-block:: sh
$ git clone
$ cd gnome-builder
$ mkdir app
$ flatpak-builder --ccache --repo=$HOME/my-flatpak-builds app org.gnome.Builder.json
$ flatpak install --user my-flatpak-builds org.gnome.Builder
.. note:: After following these steps once you can omit adding the remote or creating the app directory. You'll also need to add the ``--force-clean`` option to flatpak-builder and use ``flatpak update`` rather than ``flatpak install``.
.. _via-jhbuild:
via JHBuild
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