Commit 921cf56d authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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flatpak: silence stdout for which flatpak-builder

parent 43b1422d
......@@ -1112,7 +1112,7 @@ gbp_flatpak_application_addin_check_sysdeps_async (GbpFlatpakApplicationAddin *s
task = g_task_new (self, cancellable, callback, user_data);
g_task_set_source_tag (task, gbp_flatpak_application_addin_check_sysdeps_async);
launcher = ide_subprocess_launcher_new (0);
launcher = ide_subprocess_launcher_new (G_SUBPROCESS_FLAGS_STDOUT_SILENCE);
ide_subprocess_launcher_set_clear_env (launcher, FALSE);
ide_subprocess_launcher_set_run_on_host (launcher, TRUE);
ide_subprocess_launcher_push_argv (launcher, "which");
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