Commit 8ec13960 authored by Simone Piccardi's avatar Simone Piccardi Committed by Christian Hergert

gdb: cleaned up stack-list-variables command

parent dec26346
......@@ -2020,7 +2020,7 @@ gbp_gdb_debugger_list_locals_async (IdeDebugger *debugger,
tid = ide_debugger_thread_get_id (thread);
depth = ide_debugger_frame_get_depth (frame);
command = g_strdup_printf ("@@@@-stack-list-variables --thread %s --frame %u --simple-values\n",
command = g_strdup_printf ("-stack-list-variables --thread %s --frame %u --simple-values",
tid, depth);
gbp_gdb_debugger_exec_async (self,
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