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Version 3.23.92
Our 3.24 RC is here with 3.23.92. We expect Builder 3.24 to be final next week.
Changes include:
A lot of -Wsign-compare compile fixes.
Fix inconsistent field in priority heap.
Ctags can now use ctags binary from the host.
Various Rustup fixes when running in flatpak.
Add support for gnome-code-assistance when running under flatpak.
Use Adwaita theme when under flatpak.
Use names for cursors instead of old-style enums.
Extract errors from vala compiler during builds.
Extract errors from gmcs/mcs (mono) during builds.
Much documentation has been added.
Subprocess FD fixes when using the flatpak development service.
EggTaskCache correctness improvements.
Fallback to ninja to discover VALAFLAGS with older meson releases.
Various terminal improvements when under flatpak.
Move flatpak downloads into downloads phase of build pipeline.
Add support for exporting an App.flatpak.
Add support for manually downloading dependencies.
Clang will fallback to CFLAGS or CXXFLAGS from environment variables.
Make buildsystem will now use $MAKE environment variable if specified.
The clone dialog will now strip whitespace from URIs.
Fixes in user-preferred-shell discovery.
The build panel is now shown upon first build (but without focus).
Before exporting, flatpak-builder will now be used to finish the
build process and cleanup commands.
Builder will notify the user if flatpak-builder is not installed, as it
is necessary for a good portion of the value of Builder.
Builder will look at manifest files to try to discover the build system.
This is useful when projects have multiple build systems in transition.
Much polish to flatpak runtime installations.
Lots of Vala plugin fixes and cleanup due to recent Vala changes.
Autools project miner has reduced the depth of search to speed up
application startup. We intend to switch to a custom tracker miner
in a future release of Builder.
Various fixes for Meson inside of a flatpak runtime.
Fix cancellation of clone operations in the project greeter.
Don't pass --require-version to `flatpak build` when running.
• Always use headerbar for about dialog.
• Fix hysteresis in animation for editor overview map.
• Various subprocess correctness improvements.
• Use the diagnostics range for the source location if not specified.
• Support for a basic "make" build system has been added.
Updated Translations
Swedish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Kazakh, Korean, Chinese (Taiwan), Friulian,
Galician, Finnish, Indonesian, Czech, German, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese,
Version 3.23.91
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