Commit 73506309 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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sourceview: disable emoji-picker by default

We'll add them back in our various keybinding modes.
parent 70290854
......@@ -6662,6 +6662,11 @@ ide_source_view_class_init (IdeSourceViewClass *klass)
/* Remove Emoji from GtkTextView, we'll add back in various keybinding modes */
binding_set = gtk_binding_set_by_class (g_type_class_peek (GTK_TYPE_TEXT_VIEW));
gtk_binding_entry_remove (binding_set, GDK_KEY_period, GDK_CONTROL_MASK);
gtk_binding_entry_remove (binding_set, GDK_KEY_semicolon, GDK_CONTROL_MASK);
* Escape is wired up by the GtkSourceCompletion by default. However, some
* keybindings may want to control that manually (such as Vim). Vim needs to
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