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meson: Add generated lsp enum header to lsp sources

per the meson documentation for gnome.mkenums(): "Note that if you
 #include the generated header in any of the sources for a build target,
you must add the generated header to the build target's list of sources
to codify the dependency."

glib-mkenums is invoked separately to generate the source and header
file, so it's neccessary to establish that dependency when compiling the
generated source file.
parent 69c68b54
...@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ libide_lsp_deps = [ ...@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ libide_lsp_deps = [
# Library Definitions # Library Definitions
# #
libide_lsp = static_library('ide-lsp-' + libide_api_version, libide_lsp_sources, libide_lsp = static_library('ide-lsp-' + libide_api_version, libide_lsp_sources, libide_lsp_generated_headers,
dependencies: libide_lsp_deps, dependencies: libide_lsp_deps,
c_args: libide_args + release_args + ['-DIDE_LSP_COMPILATION'], c_args: libide_args + release_args + ['-DIDE_LSP_COMPILATION'],
) )
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